Above Ground Drainage

Above Ground Drainage

An above ground drainage system is vital for transporting excess water from a built-up area to an appropriate disposal channel. The difference between above ground drainage and other methods of arranged water disposal is that this system is built and works above ground. Anyone looking to install an above ground drainage system will find a range of components at the Plastic Centre, sure to produce a long-lasting and effective drainage system.

We offer all of the products needed to put together an efficient above ground drainage system made from long-lasting, reliable plastic. These components are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit the required aesthetic, something that is taken into consideration more with above ground drainage systems. Check out our full range of above ground drainage components on site!

The Benefits of Above Ground Drainage

There are a number of benefits to above ground drainage systems which is why many people choose these over traditional underground systems. The most obvious advantage is the ease of access an above-ground system provides in comparison to others is the ability to conveniently access the system. Thanks to components like the 110mm Aquaflow access pipe, it is possible to get inside the above ground drainage system should any issues with waste disposal arise. This feature can lower the risk of blockages in above ground drainage pipes, ensuring the effective disposal of water through this system. 

Another advantage of above ground drainage is the flexibility of components to a system during and after installation. This means that the above ground drainage system can be easily modified or extended when needed. The process of installing an above–ground drainage system is often much more cost-effective as there is no need for excavation and specialist tools used in underground systems.

Above Ground Drainage at Plastic Centre

If you are looking for the components to install or renovate an aboveground drainage system, we offer a huge variety of pipes and fittings at the Plastic Centre. The 110mm solvent weld pipes and fittings provide a tight seal for any above-ground system held together with a solvent welding process. The main component of this system is the 110mm plain-ended pipe that we offer in grey, black or white, built with a durable PVC material sure to provide a long-lasting drainage solution. All of these solvent weld drainage fixtures that we offer provide an air-tight seal with the 250ml solvent cement that you can order from the Plastic Centre today!

Another popular fixture in above ground drainage systems is the 110mm push-fit soil components, ideal for anyone looking to put a drainage system together on their own. These products include all of the different pipe shapes, junctions and adaptors like the Aquaflow 110mm waste adaptor needed to create an effective waste channel above ground. There is even a range of items available to keep the fixtures in place, such as the Aquaflow 110mm pipe bracket made from a light and durable plastic!

The 160mm soil pipes and fittings are the widest above ground drainage system fixtures that we offer on-site. These are great for systems that will have to remove large quantities of rainwater or waste and will do efficiently once installed. The Aquaflow 160mm single socket pipe is the main component of this system and provides a durable waste channel once installed.

There is also a number of Pan Connector products on site that connect the drain of a toilet to the main waste pipe of your above ground drainage system!


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