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Pan Connector Products and Uses

Within our Above Ground Soil section, we provide a brilliant range of pan connector products to provide the solution to all of your toilet installation needs. There is a great selection of pan connectors of various shapes and sizes made to fit the majority of common toilet brands, ensuring the perfect plastic product for any requirement. All of the products on site

A pan connector, also known as a toilet waste pipe, is a curved piece of pipe that connects the drain outlet of a toilet to the waste pipe. It is typically used to ensure that wastewater from the toilet flows smoothly into the waste pipe without any obstructions or leaks. In most cases, pan connectors are installed during the initial installation of a toilet, but they may also be used to replace an existing damaged or leaking pan connector.

All of the products on site are made from high-quality plastic that is long-lasting plastic that will not suffer from rotting, ensuring a watertight system. These products require very little maintenance though the easy-clean plastic makes a short job of any freshening up required through the years. The connectors of these toilet pan connector products are reinforced with wire, making each product more flexible during installation and durable in use.

Toilet Pan Connector Benefits

There are many practical reasons to install a durable toilet pan connector from the Plastic Centre alongside the great look of these products. The improved drainage that a pan connector provides ensures the quick disposal of wastewater, improving the overall drainage of the toilet. These products can also help to reduce the risk of leaks or blockages in the toilet or waste plumbing system.

The toilet pan connectors are easy to install without the need for specialist knowledge or equipment, making the process a cost-effective way of ensuring toilet functionality. What’s more, a fantastic range of pan connector products is available to suit any particular job at an affordable price.

Pan Connectors at the Plastic Centre

The most commonly used products we offer are the Straight pan connector and the Extension pan connector. These are used to complete any toilet pan connection where the drain outlet is a straight line away from the waste pipe, with only a straight connector needed between the two.

Other shapes of toilet pan connectors we provide on-site include the Bent or Swan Neck pan connector that connects the toilet to the waste pipe at a 45-degree angle. An Offset pan connector is available when the pipes are not directly aligned to save the user from having to bend or replace existing pipes. There is also a Flexi pan connector that uses a flexible plastic middle to bend and suit any connection in less space than the other products.

All of these products available feature the pipe in a clean, white plastic colour that is easy to tell apart from the connecting parts that use black plastic. The Flexi pan connector is made entirely from white plastic that is just as easy to keep looking clean and tidy.

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