Above Ground Soil

Above ground soil products are designed to help you convey soil waste from fixtures such as toilets and bidets into the drainage system through rooms in a building. This category of products includes everything you might need to create a simple but effective plumbing system, including simple pipes, parts and joints all the way through to more complex adaptors, waste traps and connectors. As well as the physical parts you need to create an above ground soil system, this range of products also includes the high quality products that you’ll need to help put the system together, such as solvents and lubricants to create strong seals between parts.

All of the products in the above ground soil range are constructed from high quality, hard wearing plastic that is designed to stand up to constant use while requiring virtually no maintenance, making them extremely cost effective as a solution. With a variety of types of part and connection, including push fit, solvent weld and screw fit options, there are all kinds of ways to go about a job for maximum ease and effectiveness. Plastic is an excellent option for any plumbing system, because it doesn’t rot, warp or degrade and is light and easy to use.

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