110mm Push Fit Soil

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The 110mm push fit soil pipe range of products is designed to allow you to create a simple or a complex plumbing system to remove soil waste quickly and easily to drainage, utilising an easy and efficient method of connecting them together. From simple lengths of pipe, corners and connectors all the way through to specialist parts, this range has everything you could need to get simple or tricky jobs done quickly. This range includes all kinds of joints and bends at a variety of angles too, so there is no problem or requirement you can’t overcome.

The whole 110mm push fit soil pipe range is made from high quality plastic that is strong and tough enough to withstand constant use, and durable enough to perform well even outside or in bad weather. It is easy to clean and virtually maintenance free, making it a cost effective option in the long term, while also being easy and simple to fit thanks to its push fit technology. Utilising high quality rubber seals between each part, this technology is easy to use while also minimising leaks. Whether you’re looking for a few simple parts for a single job, or a range of specialist parts for a complicated problem, this range has it all.

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