Pan Connector

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At The Plastic Centre we offer a great variety of pan connectors to help you handle any and every kind of toilet installation you’ll come up against, with a load of great options to make sure you have all the flexibility you’ll need. Designed to connect the toilet pan to the waste pipe, our pan connectors are made to fit just about every common brand of toilet with a strong, durable and reliable construction that won’t let you down. We also have a wide variety of types of connector, so no matter what the situation, you’ll find a connector to suit the job.

Each one of our pan connectors is made from durable and easy clean plastic, which is virtually maintenance free. The easy to use connector is also reinforced with wire to make it even more durable, whilst also flexible enough to connect in just about any location. With a wide variety of options such as bends, swan-neck, offset and flexible connectors available, you have an option that suits a huge number of requirements, as well as extenders and other flexible options just in case you need something that is even more adaptable.

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