Decor Cladding

Décor cladding is a convenient and easy way of achieving a fashionable and high quality appearance for any wall without the expense, hassle and difficulty of using natural materials. At The Plastic Centre, we stock a wide range of plastic décor cladding in a huge array of styles and sizes, so we’re pretty much guaranteed to have something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for clean and smooth colours, a diverse array of patterns or a selection of natural looking patterns like brick and stone, we have all kinds of plastic décor cladding of every type.

Décor cladding is a great way to achieve the desired effect of natural materials, but with all the advantages of plastic too. For a start, décor cladding can be used in any room in the house including the kitchen and bathroom because it is completely waterproof. Secondly it is light weight and strong, so not only will it not warp or rot like natural materials can, it is very easy to install without specialist tools and with the minimum of mess. It can also be easily altered to fit any space, so it is much more versatile than natural alternatives. Finally, its smooth and texture free surface makes it easy to clean and hygienic, so perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

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