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Shiplap Cladding

Shiplap cladding is a method of waterproofing the exterior of any structure to keep heat in and protect it from the elements with a series of overlapping boards, which when finished will form a waterproof layer that will keep whatever it covers safe and dry. We have a great range of shiplap cladding constructed using hard-wearing and tough UPVC, which also has the benefit of being easy to maintain and lightweight, so it cuts down on maintenance and is flexible enough to use anywhere. Suitable for use on residential buildings, sheds, commercial buildings and industrial properties. Our selection of shiplap cladding is great weather proofing solution whatever your making it a useful addition to our range fascias and soffits.

What is Shiplap Cladding?

Shiplap cladding is one of the three major styles of cladding alongside overlap and tongue and groove, and it offers the best balance of performance and cost of the three. It works by utilising specially shaped boards that fit together in a way that allows them to be flat against the wall you’re cladding, which reduces their surface area and creates a smooth surface that handles rain runoff easily. On top of this, shiplap cladding is more aesthetically appealing than overlap cladding and is anti-climb, which makes it better for security purposes too.

How Shiplap Cladding made?

All the products in our Shiplap cladding range including 150mm shiplap cladding and shiplap cladding universal channel are made from hard-wearing UPVC, which has many advantages over wooden and metal alternatives. Firstly it is much easier and cheaper to maintain and is virtually maintenance-free because it doesn’t require painting or cleaning to keep it safe and waterproof. Secondly, its life expectancy is the highest of any of the materials available and it can stand up to even the toughest weather conditions without rotting, failing or deteriorating. Finally, it is lightweight and easy to use, so it can be installed virtually anywhere without extra hassle and expense. It also makes the shiplap cladding easy to cut and modify for whatever size of the area you’re looking to clad, without the use of expensive tools or specialist services.

What are the options?

Alongside the Shiplap boards that make up the majority of an installation our range also carries a number of accessories such as the universal channel, external and internal corners and trim. Each of these is designed to make your cladding solution longer lasting and more effective, as well as more aesthetically pleasing, and it’s all made out of the same high-quality UPVC as the boards, so you know it will last just as long. Each of these products will ensure that your cladding is waterproof and weatherproof throughout the whole installation, so it won’t let you down. On top of that, each board is available in lengths of 3m and 5m so we’ll always have a great option for whatever job you’re doing, while they also come in a variety of colours and wood grain finishes. This means it will always fit in with the rest of your project for a smarter finish, no matter what context it’s being used in.

We also have a wide range of vented soffit boards and hollow soffit boards available which may be useful and compliment any products you are looking for within this section of the site..

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