Fascias & Soffits

All of the products on the Fascias and Soffits range are designed to help create a range of long lasting and hard wearing Fascias and Soffits to protect your project’s roof structure from damage, whether from the cold or from the elements. From the most simple parts used on every Fascia or Soffit installation all the way through to specialist parts and accessories perfect for tricky jobs, there is something for any project to be found. As well as the actual parts you’ll need you’ll also find a range of accessories for cleaning and fixing your installation to make each job that little bit easier.

The whole Fascia and Soffit range is made from tough, hard wearing plastic that is exceptionally durable even in harsh weather conditions and after prolonged use. It is easy to clean and maintenance free, making it a very cost effective choice in the long term, as well as easy enough to be installed by the minimum number of people. Plastic is an excellent choice for your Soffit or Fascia installation because it is light and easy to use, while also being resistant to warping, rotting, mould and degradation over time. It is also available in other colours to match the surroundings.

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