16mm Square Fascia

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A building’s fascia is an important part of the roof structure, designed to create a seal around the base of the eaves that keeps heat in and the elements out. At The Plastic Centre we have an excellent range of plastic 16mm fascias that are perfect for the job: lightweight and hard wearing while also being cost effective and easy to use. Conforming to BSI standards and designed to provide a high standard of performance throughout its life, these fascia products are also available in a range of colours to help you match the style of the house or the rest of the roof.

Plastic fascias from The Plastic Centre are an excellent option for projects of all kinds, including residential, industrial and commercial, because they provide excellent value for money as well as good performance. While other materials are available, plastic fascias are superior to wooden and metal fascias because they are almost completely maintenance free. They don’t rot, warp or degrade unlike wooden fascias, and they are lightweight and easy to cut or adapt unlike metal fascias. For all this excellent performance you also get a great price, while fascias made from other materials can often be more expensive.

We have a wide range of plastic fascia boards and uPVC soffit boards available.

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