9mm Ogee Fascia

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Fascia boards are an integral part of any roofing installation, designed to help protect the eaves of the roof and the interior of the house from water and the elements. Ogee fascia boards are a little different from standard fascia boards, offering a handsome square decorative effect that makes them ideal for residential and commercial applications that add a touch of quality design to any project. At The Plastic Centre we stock a wide range of different sizes of 9mm Ogee fascia boards so that you have plenty of options for any installation, and so that you can feel safe in the knowledge that they are all high quality.

Plastic is a great choice of material for fascia boards because it is very strong and durable whilst also being lightweight and flexible, which makes it relatively easy to install with minimal manpower. It’s also easy to cut or adjust for size, making it super flexible for use in any application. Unlike wood it won’t rot, warp or degrade in bad weather, while it is light and easy to work with unlike metal. The fabulous ogee moulding on our 9mm fascia boards is a classy touch that can elevate any project it’s introduced to, making it ideal for use on homes and businesses.

We have a wide range of plastic fascia boards and uPVC soffit boards available.

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