9mm Vented Flat Board

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Soffits are long boards placed on the underside of the eaves of a roof, between the wall and the fascia, designed to help keep the roof structure warm and dry to prevent damage. At The Plastic Centre, we stock a wide range of different types of 9mm vented flat board soffits that are well suited to the task, and are a high quality, flexible option for any building project. Made from high quality plastic, our 9mm vented flat board soffits are extremely tough and designed for all weathers, while also being light and easy to fit. We also have a large range of different sizes, perfect for any application.

Our 9mm vented flat board soffits are made of strong and durable plastic and also come with pre-cut vents in their bodies that help provide extra ventilation to the roof without compromising on protection. This means there is positive air flow into the roof space to help combat damp and mould, but keeping water and debris out. In comparison to wood or metal alternatives, plastic soffits are a cost effective solution that won’t let you down. They’re virtually maintenance free thanks to their easy clean structure, and light enough to be fit easily by a single person.

We have a wide range of plastic fascia boards and uPVC soffit boards available.

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