Hollow Soffit

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The soffit is one of the most important parts of a roof installation, helping keep the eaves and rafters safe from the elements while keeping the heat in and allowing a flow of air. As a result, you want to ensure that you have a good soffit system in place, which is why we at The Plastic Centre stock a range of Hollow Soffits and Hollow Soffit parts to help with your installation. A Hollow Soffit is an excellent choice because it is tough and hard wearing, whilst also being light weight and flexible, so it can stand up to the worst kinds of conditions without being impractical to use. 

In comparison to other materials often used to make soffits, the plastic Hollow Soffit offers the best value for money, achieving excellent performance at a competitive price with none of the downsides that metal or wooden soffits suffer from. Its tough and easy to clean plastic construction means it won’t warp or degrade like wood does, and its hollow and light weight mean that it isn’t too heavy or difficult to fit as metal soffits often can be. Our range also comes with several accessories such as vents and trim to make your job even better, ensuring that it is properly sealed and that there is plenty of air flow.

We have a wide range of plastic fascia boards and uPVC soffit boards available.

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