Plastic Guttering

What is Plastic Guttering?

As well as offering a broad range of underground drainage fittings, Plastic Centre also offer a varied range of plastic gutting pipes and fittings.

Although it often goes under the radar significantly, plastic guttering can play a crucial role in helping a building perform at its best and can even accent a construction’s overall aesthetics when renovating a property. In the simplest of terms, plastic guttering collects any excess runoff rainwater trickling down from roofs in order to provide an additional layer of protection to any property.

In the past, guttering was previously made from more traditional materials, including aluminium, tin and even wood. However, with the recent developments in technology in years gone, plastic has asserted itself as the predominant material. Not only is plastic guttering a cost-effective alternative, but it also provides numerous different benefits, including its durability and strong properties, as well as it being extremely customisable, from its shape to even its colour.

What are the Different Types of Guttering?

One of the most popular types of products in the plastic guttering range available at the Plastic Centre is the standard Half Round Guttering. The most conventional form of guttering, this product is a straight fit, ideal for being easily fitted alongside any side of a building. Additionally, this is available in classical white, as well as black, brown and light oak, meaning you can choose the option to fit the already ongoing aesthetic you may have.

Similar in terms of pure functionality, the Square Plastic Down Pipe helps to carry rainwater from the aforementioned gutters into the drains and gulleys below. Available in a number of different lengths and colours, this option can be customised depending on the requirements of your build.

Moreover, Angle Gutters are another plastic guttering option available, spanning across a number of different angles, including the most common, the half round 90° gutter angle option, as well as some more specific angles which span all the way up to 150°. In addition to this, you can also choose between the rounded and square variations, another great customisable option when it comes to the plastic guttering we house.

Plastic Rainwater Guttering Supplies

Regardless of the type of guttering required for your property, we here at the Plastic Centre offer everything you could possibly need. From standard plastic guttering to rainwater downpipes and all the way down to general rainwater fittings, we stock some of the highest quality solutions but maintain those affordable prices, meaning we accommodate budgets big or small.

The brands on offer are highly reliable and will last a considerable amount of time due to their sturdy properties and the strong materials they are constructed from. Not only this, but the plastic guttering we house comes in a host of different sizes in order to be applicable to any type of building. Furthermore, the various angles in which our plastic guttering is designed means there is always an ideal product depending on your needs.

In addition, the overall aesthetics of our plastic guttering will end up contributing to is also taken into consideration. Consequently, the products available in our range come in a number of different colours, ranging from the standard glossy white all the way to the more modern matte black. As a result, you can choose a colour of guttering that won’t distract from the buildings they are outfitted on.

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