170mm Kommercial Guttering

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170mm Kommercial Plastic Guttering

Put in the simplest of terms, 170mm Kommercial Guttering is a popular choice when it comes to drainage systems in both industrial and commercial settings, as well as in residential complexes. In essence, these pipes are specifically designed to handle large volumes of water and other run-off fluids. They are regularly used in tandem with applications such as stormwater, surface water, and sewage drainage systems.

For the installation of 170mm Kommercial Guttering, these could be outfitted in a variety of different ways. For example, they can be installed above the ground or even suspended from the ceiling in a trenchless installation. The method of installation will simply depend on the specific requirements of the respective project they are being implemented into and the conditions of the site.

The Benefits of 170mm Kommercial Guttering

When it comes to benefits, one of the key features of 170mm Kommercial Guttering is its large diameter. As a result of this, it allows for a greater flow capacity when compared to other smaller-diameter pipes. This is especially essential for the efficient drainage of large areas. In addition to this, the large diameter of these pipes could potentially result in a reduced gradient, which can help to prevent erosion and sedimentation within the pipes.

Another important benefit of 170mm Kommercial guttering is its strength and durability. This type of guttering is typically made from materials such as aluminium, steel, or PVC, with the latter being the most frequent in their construction. PVC is especially known for its resistance to corrosion, as well as coming paired with some long-lasting durability. This makes them ideal for use in environments where the guttering may be exposed to harsh conditions and general environmental impact.

170mm Kommercial Guttering at The Plastic Centre

At the Plastic Centre, we stock a whole host of different 170mm Kommercial guttering products, with some of the most popular being the Single Socket 3m Pipe. These are great for transporting water and other fluid away from the guttering and into an appropriate system. Due to their long side and diameter, they can accommodate large volumes of water effectively and can easily be cut down to more appropriate sizes should you need to do so in order to fit your project best.

These pipes can be paired up with a host of different other products, one of these being the 170mm Half Round 3m gutter. This can significantly aid when it comes to carrying water away from roofs and buildings. Once again, these are constructed via the use of PVC, meaning they are resistant to rotting, mould, or warping, unlike some other materials. Two different colours can be selected for this product, these being black and grey, meaning you can choose the option that best suits the aesthetics of your project.

In addition to these commonly utilised options, we have a number of other products that could be coupled up with them in order to maximise utility. Some of these include the 90° Angle Guttering, the Running Outlet, as well as both the External and Internal Stopend. Once again, all of these are constructed using PVC, adopting the qualities and benefits we have already discussed.

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