120mm Deep High Capacity Rainwater Guttering

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Deep High Capacity Guttering

Sometimes, a regular drainage system is not enough to cope with the heavy flow of water coming from the roof down to the sewers. For this reason, you could be more suited to look for some deep-flow, high-capacity guttering. This guttering is cut with much higher edges in order to cope with a higher amount of water and can be used in replacement for any regular guttering system. There are plenty of options on The Plastic Centre site, so have a browse for yourself.

The benefits of Deep Flow High Capacity Guttering

As could be expected from the change in shape and depth, the main benefit of using deep-flow guttering compared to regular guttering is that it can handle a higher amount of water without the risk of overflowing. This can be useful if you live in an area that experiences consistent and/or heavy rainfall and your regular guttering system cannot handle the flow. All of the products on our site are made from uPVC plastic, which has its own benefits as a material, including its ease of installation and how simple it is to clean. All of these factors contribute to why we use uPVC over other options.

Deep Flow Guttering at the Plastic Centre

On The Plastic Centre site, we compile every piece of guttering equipment and plastic hardware into individual pages. On this page, you will find all of the deep high capacity rainwater and deep-flow guttering options available from our store. There are 19 products available, ranging in price depending on the product, its size, and the amount you wish to purchase:

Downpipe clips and Fascia Brackets are some of the most popular items we sell from the deep flow guttering product page, and these are both vital to integrating the guttering system with your actual house or building. The fascia brackets are used to attach the guttering to the fascia boards and are typically purchased in White to match the common fascia board colouring. Downpipe clips are important for securing the downpipe to the building’s wall.

Round 112.5-degree offset bend fittings are another important part of any guttering system. These bends attach the downpipe to the bottom section of the system, where the water flows into the drainage system.
You can buy actual guttering in sections of 4-metre lengths. These range in price from £16.97 and £20.35 and come in a few colours, with black or white being the most popular sold on our site.

External stop ends are one of the most important pieces of a guttering system, ranging in price from £3.08 and £3.77 at The Plastic Centre. These are important as they cause a blockage that stops water from flowing out of the end of the drainage, allowing it to flow down the downpipe and into the drainage system.

Other deep-flow guttering products on the page include high-rise and fall brackets, gutter onions, downpipe sockets, running outlets, and much more. All prices and colour options can be displayed when looking at an individual item from the page.

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