Kast Iron Guttering Products

Kast Iron guttering products are designed to provide optimal performance and choice when it comes to creating a guttering solution for any type of building in the commercial, residential and industrial sectors. Designed with capacity and flow rate in mind, this range of products contains everything you might need, from simple and common parts to specialist parts for all kinds of applications. Created in an eye-catching ogee style and with a classic black finish, Kast Iron guttering is designed to mimic historic Victorian guttering in style but without the weight and price, adding a premium touch to any building. 

Kast Iron guttering is made from high quality plastic that is tough and durable enough to withstand constant use and even the most harsh weather conditions. It is also easy to clean and practically maintenance free, making it very cost effective in the long term. In comparison to other guttering materials, plastic offers a combination of simplicity and practicality. It is easy to lift and can be fitted by just one person, something which is a problem for metal gutters, while it doesn’t rot, warp or degrade unlike wood. Kast Iron guttering is the perfect solution for a metal effect gutter without the drawbacks.

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