112 mm Kast Iron Effect Half Round Guttering

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Kast Iron Effect Half-Round Guttering

Half-round cast iron guttering is a type of rainwater drainage system that is typically used on older or historically significant buildings. The guttering is made of cast iron, which is a strong and durable material that can withstand the elements for many years. The guttering is half-round in shape, which gives it a classic, ornate appearance. It is typically installed on the eaves of a building and is used to collect and channel rainwater away from the building’s foundation to prevent water damage.

Half-round cast iron guttering often features in older buildings such as churches or town halls in keeping with the traditional building materials when these buildings were built. The durable plastic used in Kast Iron Effect guttering is cheaper and lasts longer whilst keeping with the traditional look.

All of the different components required for great-looking and effective guttering are available at The Plastic Centre. The Kast Iron Effect Half-round page on the site is filled with products that give the impression of classic half-round cast iron guttering without the rust and decay of metal products.

The Benefits of Kast Iron Effect Half-Round Guttering

There are multiple benefits when it comes to using these products, as they give off the look of classic half-round cast iron guttering, all whilst being made from high-quality plastic. The design of these products is sure to work well with the intended aesthetic of both classic and modern buildings. All of these products come in black, and the Ogee shape makes the finished setup hardly distinguishable from classic half-round cast iron guttering. Although the plastic used in these products is strong, it is a lot easier to customise the length of pieces than it would be to do it with cast iron guttering.

These half-round cast iron guttering-style products not only look brilliant, but they also serve a number of practical benefits once installed. The Kast iron effect half-round components can hold more water than the quarter-round products without the bulky look of square systems. They also offer more flexibility during installation, which makes it easier as the 2m Gutter strips follow the shape of a building with ease. As a substitute for cast iron guttering, the Kast Iron Effect half-round products are a lot more cost-effective in the purchase, installation and maintenance in the future.

Half-round Cast Iron Guttering at The Plastic Centre

There is a great selection of Kast Iron Effect half-round products to view here at The Plastic Centre. Alongside the straight Guttering pieces, you can find a range of corner pieces between a 90-degree angle and a 150-degree angle to cover the shape of the house seamlessly.

There are also angular pipe pieces to help dispose of the water, including an Offset Bend 92.5-degree or 112.5-degree piece of a Shoe bend. The Square/Round Hopper section of guttering is useful when the setup experiences more rain than anticipated and can stop any damage coming to the pipes.

You can also find all of the Pipe Clip and bracket products available at the Plastic Centre, including the popular Union Bracket. There is a huge selection of half-round cast iron guttering-style products that we have available to view at The Plastic Centre.

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