1000mm Plastic Shower Panels

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1000mm Plastic Shower Panels by Plastic Centre

We’ve got all your shower panel needs covered. From the classy black sparkle to our most popular white sparkle, we know you want something that will complement any bathroom setup with ease! Whether you need a replacement or are starting fresh, rest assured knowing these panels will do the job and add an extra layer of style to your home.

We offer customisable options so that no two bathrooms look alike when installing new cladding – whether they’re replacing old ones or just building their own from scratch. With over 100 different styles available on our site (and many more than what’s shown), there is sure to be at least one design appropriate enough for whatever mood strikes.

1000mm Bathroom Shower Panels

Give your bathroom a new lease of life with our 1000mm shower panels. These are top-quality and will make cleaning the grime from them easier than ever before. This is because they have no grout, so there’s nowhere for mould to build up!

Whether you’re planning a whole bathroom project or want to make your shower area more modern, one of the best ways is with Plastic Centres 1000 mm Shower Panel. It offers great design and functionality while also being easy for installers which means it can be installed over old tiles without removing them first! You get style and convenience when installing these panels in any size that suits your needs – from small single showers to large walk-in ones. Check out this incredible range today.

Shower Panel Designs & Ideas

The range of material options for shower panels is diverse and varied, but the 1000mm panel offers a unique design opportunity. With its clean lines, beautiful finishings, and versatility to suit any interior décor style or display your creativity with custom designs, you create yourself – these are some outstanding qualities worth considering when replacing or refreshing existing bathroom space.

If you are stuck on ideas on what design to look at for your new bathroom or feature wall, then take a look at some of our more popular ranges, such as our 1000mm Brick Effect Shower Panels or our popular designs that sit under our 250mm Wall Panels and 400mm Wall Panels collection.

A bathroom is a place where we spend most of our day. It’s also the one room in your home that you can’t escape from, which means it should be just as beautiful and comfortable on the inside as out, if not more so! Those with limited time or skill to design their dream space but plenty of ambition know this: shower panels are an easy way to make any house feel like heaven without breaking a sweat. With many different designs available at various price points, finding something perfect for every budget has never been easier or cheaper, given how little work they require after installation.

View our complete range of plastic wall panels and trims to find the right product for your project.

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