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Sparkle Effect Wall Panels

Those looking for a more interesting style for their residential or commercial property may like the selection of sparkle wall panels available from the Plastic Centre. The plastic wall panel products provide a luxurious sparkle effect to the interior of any room, with dark and light sparkle wall cladding products available. If you’re looking to implement a bit more glitz and glamour to the interior of a building, the style of sparkle wall panels is a great option.

Along with the brilliant stylistic features of sparkle wall cladding, there are a number of practical benefits to these durable plastic wall panels and wall cladding. If you’re looking to create a sparkle effect feature wall, then the range of sparkle wall cladding products can prove an easier, more cost-effective and efficient way of completing this effect. 

The Benefits of Sparkle Effect Wall Panels

There are many advantages to using sparkle wall panels to decorate any room of a building beginning with the variety of styles that are available. These wall panel products are made from high-quality plastics infused with reflective glitter pieces that create the style that these products are named after. The materials that these sparkle wall panels are made from offer waterproof and rot-proof qualities that require low maintenance once installed. 

Along with the practical qualities of sparkle wall cladding panels, the lightweight plastic material makes it easier to install than many other wall covering options. The panels we offer can be trimmed to fit the requirements of any wall they are covering and installed using any strong adhesive, such as wallpaper glue, to provide a reliable installation.

There is also a great variety of sparkle wall panels to choose from, offering a range of designs to suit the aesthetic of any room. From 5mm black sparkle effect panels that provide a night sky look to the lighter white or beige sparkle wall cladding products which offer a cleaner style wall covering.

Sparkle Effect Wall Panels by The Plastic Centre

There are some brilliant sparkle wall panels to choose from here at the Plastic Centre, including thicker 8mm black sparkle effect wall panels. These panels feature the same black backdrop broken up with light sparkles that illuminate and break up the dark colour. Many of the sparkle wall panels we offer are available 5mm or 8mm in width, which offer lightweight and durability advantages that the user can choose from!

A lighter sparkle wall cladding design available is used in the 5mm white sparkle effect wall cladding that gives a slight marble effect to any wall. The different colour sparkles of these panels help to break up the light backdrop making these sparkle wall panels great for bathroom or kitchen walls to disguise any stains. The 8mm white sparkle effect wall panels provide the same style with an added thickness that can help the panels to last longer!All of the sparkle wall cladding panels that we offer are available in packs of 4, including the 5mm beige sparkle effects wall panels. These are great for use in public areas where there is more chance of wear and tear from daily use, as the pattern is great at disguising any scratches or cracks in the panels.

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