The Rainwater product category features everything you could need for designing and fitting a high quality rainwater management system, from the simple and common parts every project needs all the way through to specialist parts to tackle the tricky problems. From downpipes, pipe clips and running outlets down to gutter guards, soil adaptors and hoppers, there are options for every need. Each type of part is available in a range of styles with different qualities, from half round guttering for a low profile look to square ogee for a high capacity. They are also available in a variety of colours to help you blend your project into the surrounding area.

All the products in the Rainwater category are made from high quality plastic that is durable and strong enough to stand up to constant use and bad weather while working optimally, and are also easy to clean and maintenance free. Utilising a variety of methods of connection including screw fit, solvent weld and push fit, there are options for all kinds of installations as well as accessories available to help make each job easy. Compared with other materials plastic is light and easy to use, and it doesn’t warp, bend or degrade over time, making it a cost effective solution.

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