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150mm Kommercial Guttering products are the tradesman’s choice when it comes to managing rainwater on larger commercial buildings where the surface area of the roof means that larger volumes of water are expected. In situations where guttering systems used in residential settings just won’t cut it, 150mm Kommercial Guttering has the added flow capacity you need to make sure all that water is carried away from the fabric of the building quickly and easily. Not only do we have all the piping and guttering you could need in our range, we also have a range of accessories and adaptors designed to make your life easier and to help the project run more smoothly. Whether you’re starting from scratch on a new build or adding to an existing project, we’ve got what you need to make it a success. Features of this range of products include:

  • Practicality: This is the bottom line for this product, and in situations where aesthetics are less important than the need to get the job done, this range of guttering solutions is the perfect fit. At 115mm in diameter these pipes have more than enough capacity for even heavy rain, and thanks to their sturdy and tough PVC construction you can rely on them to keep performing at a high level for their whole life, even in extreme weather. There’s no risk of rot or mould thanks to their tough and easy to clean finish, making them virtually maintenance free.
  • Flexibility: No two jobs are the same when you work in the building trade, and there’s nothing worse than an unexpected snag when you’re on a tight deadline, which is why this range of products come with a great range of adaptors to ensure you always have the right part for the job. Whether you’re starting from scratch or extending an existing system, the 150mm Kommercial Guttering product line has adaptors of various angles, internal and external stopends, union brackets and running outlets to ensure you always have options to work with. These adaptors are quick and easy to work with thanks to their pre-lubricated seals for easy attachment and removal, and there’s no need for glue or nails to connect pieces together.
  • Performance: Nobody can afford to be let down by their tools, which is why this range of products is constructed from 100% tough and hard wearing PVC, so you’ll get many years of use out of them with very little maintenance required. Each part is bonded using high quality pre-lubricated rubber seals to minimize leakage, so you can have peace of mind that your work will stand the test of time. This means it is easy to fit and remove new parts, so you can be adaptable on a tight deadline, and it’s easy to change or add to the system even when you’re done.
  • Cost-effective: Commercial projects often work on very tight budgets, so you need to know that every bit of your kit is working for you and giving you the best value for money you can get. That’s why 150mm Kommercial Guttering is the perfect product for any commercial project, managing to pack a range of features and exceptional performance while still maintaining an affordable price. Maintaining high performance levels throughout its life and offering flexibility and practicality to spare, it’s definitely money well spent.

Got a commercial project where rainwater capacity is a concern? The 150mm Kommercial Guttering is the only answer you need. Exceptional performance at a competitive price with all the adaptations and flexibility you could want!

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