Deep High Capacity Rainwater

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Deep High Capacity Rainwater Guttering was introduced into the UK in the 1970s to address problems with steep pitched roof designs that were becoming more popular, and are still one of the more commonly fitted styles of guttering to this day. The slightly deeper and flatter design may not look like much, but can add as much as 100% to the flow capacity of the guttering, meaning the difference between holding strong and overflowing in a storm. This means that extra capacity some buildings need, but without sacrificing the look and aesthetics that opting for a higher capacity gutter often means. As well as a range of guttering pipes, the Deep High Capacity Rainwater Guttering range also includes lots of options including adaptors and accessories to make your job easier and your installation a success. Features of the range include:

  • Performance: Deep High Capacity Rainwater Guttering is the preferred option for residential and commercial projects in which large flows of rainwater are expected, whether because the volume or pitch of the roof area is abnormally high or because the project is in an area with unusually heavy rainfall. Unlike other high capacity systems such as square or Kommerce line, the extra capacity is achieved while maintaining that classic half-round aesthetic, by making the guttering deeper and wider without changing its shape. This makes it perfect for locations where the look is important, but while still maintaining a capacity increase of up to 100%
  • Practicality: Another positive that this product range brings to the table is its sturdy, hard wearing PVC construction that means it can stand up to the worst the weather has to offer without giving in or failing. Not only is the body of each part made this way, the pre-lubricated rubber seals that connect the parts together are also high quality enough to avoid leaks, so you can have full confidence in the effectiveness of the system when you install it. The PVC construction is also very easy to clean and resistant to mould and rot, making it practically maintenance free.
  • Flexibility: Alongside the pipes and guttering this range also carries several useful adaptors and options that make it extremely flexible and easy to work with. Whether you’re starting a new build from scratch or adding to an existing guttering system, you can tackle problems and create solutions using a range of useful parts designed to make your life easier. Whether you’re converting from round to square pipes, adding a running outlet, capping a gutter with a stopend or adding a hopper to link several pipes there are plenty of options. Not only that, but the high quality pre-lubricated rubber seals linking the pipes together are push fit and require no glue or nails, meaning it’s easy to add and remove parts as you go without any hassle.
  • Cost-effective: Deep High Capacity Rainwater Guttering is a huge increase in performance without the huge increase in price, enabling you to carry out guttering installation safely and effectively without breaking the bank. In return you get all the flexibility and practicality of the range of products, which are hard wearing and highly effective thanks to their tough PVC construction, as well as a good range of options so that there’s always the right tool for the job. Combine that with the virtually maintenance free finish, and you’re investing in a product which will perform for many years and stay at the peak of its efficiency throughout its life. 

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