Half Round Rainwater

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Our excellent selection of half round rainwater guttering is perfect for just about any project, whether that’s residential, commercial or industrial, combining smooth and clean looks with excellent performance. One of the most popular styles of rainwater guttering, our half round systems are designed to be cost effective and hard wearing, easy to fit and clean, so that you get the maximum level of rain protection with the minimum of fuss.

All of our half round rainwater guttering comes with easy to use clip on rubber seals, so you don’t need any glue or nails to connect them, meaning that you can fit them quickly and easily. We also have an unbeatable range of spares, joints and adaptors so you can use our guttering no matter what the situation and for any number of different jobs. With options including downpipes, gutter guards, stopends, round to soil adaptors, hoppers and a variety of brackets, there’s a solution for you no matter what you need. 

For a busy tradesman, our half round rainwater guttering is an excellent choice, letting you get the job done with a minimum of fuss and in the confidence that our product won’t let you down.

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