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Kast Iron Half Round Guttering is a style of half round, one of the most widely used guttering systems out there today, and designed to offer an excellent compromise between rainwater capacity and aesthetics. This type of guttering is suitable for use in a wide range of contexts including in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, but is specifically designed to mimic the look of cast iron, so is most commonly used in residential and commercial projects in historic areas where real cast iron guttering is a feature. As well as guttering and pipes, this range includes an array of accessories and adaptors to help this guttering system fit into your project and navigate any problems or requirements may come up with a maximum of effectiveness and a minimum of fuss, whether you’re starting from scratch on a new build or adding to an existing system. Features of this range of products include: 

  • Practicality: Kast Iron Half Round Guttering offers that classic Victorian cast iron look at a fraction of the cost and weight of the real thing, while still maintaining an excellent rate of flow and boasting a long lifespan. Constructed from 100% PVC, this product is considerably lighter and more flexible than real cast iron and is extremely tough and hard wearing, able to stand up to even the most extreme weather conditions. It is also easy to clean and virtually maintenance free, because unlike real cast iron it is impervious to rust, rot and mould and doesn’t require painting.
  • Performance: The half round style is designed as a best of both worlds compromise between the high capacity of square guttering systems, which can have the disadvantage of a bulky appearance and high profile, and lower capacity quarter round designs that can’t hold as much rainwater. All of the parts are made with high quality pre-lubricated rubber seals, and combined with the tough PVC construction, you can be confident in the resilience of the system no matter how you choose to install it. As a result, you can depend on these products for many years of use, and most importantly you can trust them to protect your project from water damage even in extreme weather.
  • Flexibility: It’s a fact of life that there are complications and unforeseen problems on just about every project, but it doesn’t have to hold you back if you choose your products wisely. The Kast Iron Half Round Guttering range comes with a great selection of adaptors and accessories that can be used to help you achieve whatever your project requires, whether you’re adding to an existing building or starting a new build from scratch. There are stopends for when you want to terminate a gutter, a variety of angles to help you deal with irregularly shaped buildings or tight corners, as well as running outlets to allow you to add new downpipes into newly created drains. The parts are all designed to clip together, using an easy fit system with pre-lubricated rubber seals, so there is no nails or glue required and minimal hassle in designing what you need.
  • Cost-effective: All of this great performance and flexibility is also available at great prices, especially compared with real cast iron, without having to compromise on aesthetics or capacity. The lack of maintenance and the fact that the tough PVC construction will work at a high level for many years also means that your money will stretch further without having to make repairs and replacements, while still giving you all the performance you need even in extreme weather conditions.

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