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Kast Iron Effect Krown Ogee Guttering is a great looking style of guttering that has exploded in popularity in recent years thanks to its great combination of aesthetics and performance, which make it one of the best looking and highest capacity guttering systems you can buy. This product range is constructed using that distinctive fluted Ogee style, and Kast Iron Krown Ogee Guttering combines a great heritage look with a cast iron effect finish, which lends this style of gutter a distinctive look and appeal. It also boasts excellent flow rate performance despite its good looks, making it a perfect balance between style and substance. Alongside the guttering and pipes, this range also includes an array of accessories and adaptors that can be used to address problems or achieve objectives in your project, whether you’re starting from scratch or adding to an existing building. Features in this range of products include:

  • Practicality: Kast Iron Krown Ogee Guttering combines the best of both worlds, with a distinctive fluted design that is reminiscent of historic lead and wooden guttering, while maintaining an excellent flow capacity and a long lifespan. Even better, that aesthetic appeal is enhanced by the cast iron effect look that helps it blend in with genuine cast iron guttering in the local area. However, unlike real cast iron, it is made from 100% PVC which is much lighter and more flexible, not to mention a fraction of the cost. It is much easier to fit, and being impervious to rust and rot it is virtually maintenance free too while still being easy to clean, and it doesn’t require painting.
  • – Performance: We’re used to having to choose between aesthetics and performance most of the time, but not in this case. Kast Iron Krown Ogee Guttering benefits from its square, fluted shape and has a capacity that is more than 100% that of comparable half round designs, and it’s even greater than Deep Flow designs as well. This makes it ideal for buildings with unusually large roofs, such as commercial buildings, as well as residential buildings with high pitches or in areas of the world with high rainfall. The solid PVC construction of these products makes them dependable and hard wearing with many years of high performance possible, while the high quality pre-lubricated rubber seals on each of the parts means you can be confident you’ll avoid leakages too, even in extreme weather.
  • – Flexibility: It is important that your guttering solution is able to cope with unexpected challenges, changing designs and new priorities, which is why the Kast Iron Krown Ogee Guttering range comes with an array of adaptors and accessories that will allow you to overcome any problem and create exactly the system your project needs. Whether you’re on the lookout for a square to round pipe adaptor, a variety of angles to deal with irregular shapes and sharp corners, or a Y branch to connect two systems together, there is a part for every situation. Each part is designed to clip together easily, no need for glue or nails, and comes apart just as easily when required, so adaptations and changes can be made with the minimum of fuss.
  • – Cost-effective: Kast Iron Krown Ogee Guttering brings all this great performance, great looking aesthetics and awesome flexibility for a great price. Without having to compromise on the looks or the performance, you can fit a high quality guttering solution that is perfect for your project without having to worry about cleaning or maintenance, with the confidence that it will last and be leak free for many years to come. 

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