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The Klassic Ogee Rainwater Gutter is a stylish and popular choice that has exploded in popularity in recent years thanks to its refined appearance and good looking fluted edges, but did you know it’s also a high capacity option too because of its square construction? While most choices you make in life are a tossup between performance and aesthetics, the Klassic Ogee Rainwater Gutter lets you have both, and for residential developments it can fit in seamlessly with more historic properties in the area even on newer developments. Alongside the pipes and gutters themselves, this product is part of a range that includes a variety of accessories and adaptors which can be used to add to an existing guttering system or construct the ideal system from scratch. Features of this range include:

  • Performance: The Klassic Ogee Rainwater Gutter is a classic example of a product that combines looks with performance, with its distinctive fluted shape that gives it the appearance of a heritage design, and its superior rainwater capacity that can outperform even deep designs in terms of flow capacity. This can result in a product whose capacity is double or more than the equivalent half round gutter. Thanks to its hard wearing PVC construction it is also long lasting and resistant to tot and mould, meaning you can expect a high standard of performance for its whole life, and it’s virtually maintenance free.
  • Flexibility: While there is a lot to say about the quality of the guttering design and its superior construction, one of the best things about this product range is the capacity for flexibility that it brings you. There are a variety of adaptors in the range that can be used to tackle any problem or requirement you might face on the job, from installing running outlets when you want to connect a pipe to a drain to installing hoppers when you want to connect several, and converters to swap between round and square pipes. Each of these adaptors is made to the same standard as the guttering, and comes with pre-lubricated rubber seals that are an excellent way of connecting pipes while preventing leaks. It’s also 100% glue and nail free, so you can clip and unclip each part without any of the hassle!
  • Aesthetics: Who says guttering has to be utilitarian? One of the great advantages of this product range over many of its counterparts is that it can be considered a decorative fixture in its own right, which not only looks great, but helps the building’s guttering to fit in with surrounding developments. This can have real practical benefits when working in conservation areas or near listed buildings, when planning regulations may specify the types of fixtures you’re allowed to use. It’s also modern enough to look good on a modern style house as well, particularly given that these products are available in a choice of several colours, so it really can fit in anywhere while still looking great.
  • Cost-effective: Despite this product’s good looks, range of options and high performance capabilities, the Klassic Ogee Rainwater Gutter is still a great cost-effective option for any project because of its competitive pricing. Not only that, the fact that it’s constructed from sturdy PVC means it has an excellent lifespan during which it needs little maintenance, and the fact that it can so easily by altered and customized at a later date makes it supremely flexible for future alterations. 

If you’re on the hunt for some exceptionally high quality Klassic Ogee Rainwater Guttering that maximizes build quality and flexibility while keeping hassle and maintenance to a minimum, check out the range of options, styles and colours we have available. We’ve got everything you need to help you complete any project in any setting, from new builds to extensions and from residential, to commercial to industrial jobs.

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