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The Krown Ogee Rainwater Gutter is one of the most popular styles of modern guttering for residential properties, made possible through advances in plastic moulding made in the last 30 years, this product range with its distinctive fluted appearance is that golden combination between stylish and practical. One of the most aesthetically pleasing guttering choices on the market, its design is able to mimic historic lead and wood guttering but without the cost or the difficulty of installing it, making it perfect for fitting your project in with historic properties in the area. Even better, thanks to its square design, it is also an excellent performer in terms of flow capacity too, outperforming half round systems by as much as 100% and even besting Deep Flow gutters too. Features of this range include:

  • Performance: the Krown Ogee Rainwater Gutter has a surprisingly high rate of flow for guttering that is also aesthetically pleasing, managing to outperform both the classic half round design and even deep flow styles thanks to its square and deep design. As a result, it’s not only a great choice for those who want their project to look good, it also makes practical sense too, especially in areas with high rainfall or for projects with steeply pitched roofs or roofs with a large surface area. It’s also constructed from hard wearing PVC, so it’s tough and long lasting and won’t let you down, while also being easy to clean and virtually maintenance free for its whole lifespan.
  • Flexibility: There’s nothing worse than coming up against unexpected problems when you’re working on a project, which is why the Krown Ogee Rainwater Gutter range is full of excellent options to adapt your design to overcome whatever is in your way. These adaptors include options such as hoppers for connecting several pipes to one drain, pipe converters for switching between square and round, running outlets for adding downpipes and angles of various shapes. These adaptors are also 100% PVC for that same level of toughness, while they also come with high quality pre-lubricated rubber seals to help eliminate leaks. You can even fit and remove these parts easily without glue or nails using just clips, so it’s less hassle than the alternatives!
  • Aesthetics: the Krown Ogee Rainwater Gutter is not only high performing and high quality, it also looks great too thanks to its distinctive fluted design which mimics historic gutter systems made from lead and wood. This looks great on a modern style house thanks to its excellent design, but it can be a real practical benefit to projects that take place near historic buildings or in conservation areas. The ability to fit in alongside much older styles of gutter, while still offering that excellent performance as well as coming in a range of colours, can be a great benefit when planning regulations may specify the look or type of gutter you’re allowed to use. It’s the perfect example of a situation where style really does match substance.
  • Cost-effective: Combining all of these excellent qualities together means that the Krown Ogee Rainwater Gutter range really is a cost-effective option for anyone looking to combine great looks and excellent performance in one product. Thanks to the hard wearing PVC construction you can expect many years of top performance from every part with little to no maintenance, and thanks to the great quality in everything from the pre-lubricated rubber seals to the finish on the parts themselves, they can stand up to whatever the weather can throw at them.

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