Ogee High Capacity Rainwater

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The Ogee High Capacity Rainwater Gutter is an excellent choice for residential buildings with large roof area volumes, steep pitches or located in areas with high rainfall, because it offers an excellent flow capacity. However, it also features that distinctive Ogee look achieved by moulding a square gutter with attractive fluted sides, giving it the appearance of a heritage design made from wood or lead but with the light weight and high performance of PVC. Ideal for residential developments in historic areas, as well as commercial developments on the high street, this range also comes with a number of useful adaptors and accessories that you can use to really create a guttering system that works for you. Whether you’re building from scratch or adding to an existing system. Features of this range include:

-Performance: The Ogee High Capacity Rainwater Gutter is part of a range that already boasts impressive flow capacity rates, thanks to their unique square and fluted shape that allow them to carry more than half round or Deep Flow gutters. This High Capacity system take that even further, allowing these gutters to carry upwards of 100% more than half round gutters and even more than the highest capacity Deep Flow versions. This is achieved by increasing the size of the walls and the depth of the gutter, but without sacrificing any of that excellent detail that makes this range so popular. This range is also made from tough and hard wearing PVC, which is resilient enough to withstand even the most extreme weather, and is also easy to clean and rot and mould resistant, meaning the system is virtually maintenance free.

– Flexibility: Every project is different, and whether you’re starting a new build house or commercial development from scratch or adding an extension to an existing building that requires gutters, each situation poses a unique challenge. With the Ogee High Capacity Rainwater Gutter range you’ll be equipped to meet those challenges thanks to the array of adaptors and accessories available to change your system according to your needs. Every part is made with the same tough PVC as the gutters, while connecting parts feature pre-lubricated rubber seals to minimize leakages, as well as clip together features that means you don’t have to use glue and nails. It’s a totally hassle free way of working, whether you want to terminate a gutter with an internal or external stopend, add a downpipe with a running outlet or combine several pipes into a downpipe with a hopper.

– Aesthetics: While many high capacity guttering systems are designed for commercial use, and so aren’t as concerned with aesthetics, it doesn’t have to be that way. The Ogee High Capacity Rainwater Gutter has a higher capacity than most guttering systems available on the market, but without sacrificing any of that classic Ogee fluted design that has made it so popular in recent years. This, combined with the range of colours they are available in, makes the items in this range perfect for blending in with neighbouring buildings even in historic areas, as well as looking great on modern developments too. These are also practical benefits, particularly if you live in a historic or conservation area, where planning regulations may specify the types of gutter you are allowed to use.

– Cost-effective: The result of all these excellent selling points for the Ogee High Capacity Rainwater Gutter is that it’s a stylish, practical and effective product which will give many years of high quality service while requiring little or no maintenance. It’s also easy to customize or alter at a later date thanks to its easy to use clip on and off design, so no need to worry about expensive repairs if you need to do more work.

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