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Square Rainwater Guttering is an alternative type of guttering most commonly used in commercial and industrial settings, favoured for its high capacity that outstrips even high capacity half round guttering systems due to its larger surface area. This system is perfect for use in particularly wet environments or developments with a large roof surface area that is expected to capture more rain, and is available in a range of colours to better fit in with other buildings and the rest of the project. This range of products encompasses everything you could possibly need to complete your project and provide the best possible rainwater care, while also ensuring a minimum of fuss and maximum effectiveness throughout its life. Features of the product include: 

  • Practicality: With an excellent range of adaptors and parts for any job, you’ll be able to tackle whatever your latest project throws at you with our wide variety of products made specifically for Square Rainwater Guttering. Whether you’re adding an extension to an existing guttering system and you need an easy way to increase capacity, or if you’re starting from scratch with a new build, we can make it quick and easy for you to find exactly the right part at a great price. Our range includes stop ends, fascia brackets, adaptors and a great range of angles for any purpose, so you’ll never be without what you need.
  • Performance: The Square Rainwater Guttering is the answer for any project where flow capacity is the major concern, because these products are designed to be as high capacity as possible while still retaining a positive aesthetic quality that fits in with the buildings around it. The quality of these products’ performance is further enhanced by the excellent range of adaptors that will allow you to deal with any problem that needs to be solved or any potential snag quickly and easily. This is possible due to the high quality, pre-lubricated rubber seals used to fasten parts together quickly and easily, all without any leakage that could damage your building.
  • Flexibility: The high quality easy fit nature of these products means you get all of that excellent performance without having to hold up your schedule, because you can easily make adaptations and changes on the fly without the hassle. Whether you’re starting from scratch or adding to an existing system, each part works perfectly well with other systems and even other shapes and sizes of pipe with no nails or glue needed.
  • Cost-effectiveness: The end result of all these fantastic positives is that the Square Rainwater Guttering is an exceptionally cost-effective way to provide a high quality guttering solution for your project. The tough, hard-wearing PVC construction is virtually maintenance free and easy to clean, making it great to work with long term, and the quality of the pre-lubricated seals means no leaks and no damage even after prolonged use. It’s also easy to modify if you need to add or remove sections of the system at a later date, so there won’t be any expensive new work to be done to get it up to scratch.

Square Rainwater Guttering packs an awful lot of performance into its price point, so you can be sure you’re getting a great long term guttering solution without breaking the bank. The flexibility combined with high quality and exceptionally practical options you have means you will always have an answer to any problem that comes along, and you can be confident that your work will stand the test of time no matter the weather.

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