Underground Drainage Supplies

What type of Pipe to use for Underground Drainage?

When it comes down to selecting a pipe for underground drainage supplies, there are a number of options you could possibly choose from at the Plastic Centre. And with us being experts in everything regarding plastic piping, we offer a host of options to select from, all of which are constructed with the use of the strongest PVC plastics, all whilst remaining affordable in order to fit budgets of all sizes.  From standard underground pipes and angled connectors all the way down to simple gridded drainage covers, we stock the product to fit any of your drainage needs.

What Size Pipe for Underground Drainage?

At the Plastic Centre, we stock two main widths of Underground Drainage Supplies, these being the 110mm underground drainage pipes and the 160mm drainage pipes. However, these pipes can vary dramatically when it comes to their length. For instance, one of the most frequently used appliances is the 3m Underground Pipe, which can come in a plain-ended as well as a socket-ended version.

However, these are just the straight pipe options available with us, we also stock a wide collection of different socket bends, each and every one of them coming in a unique angle in order to accommodate any requirements when it comes you your underground drainage system. From 30° to 90°, there is an angle for any need. Moreover, the Double Socket Branches split off in different directions should you need a multi-purpose connector.

Underground Drainage Supplies

However, moving on from the underground drainage pipes, we also stock a wide collection of general underground drainage supplies. The first of these are the socket and access plugs, which can help ensure any drainage is kept in whilst also providing a convenient access point.

If you are in need of a underground drainage supply that helps fully fill a drainage system, the Drainage Hoppers could be an ideal solution. Delivering wastewater from plumbing systems to drainage systems, these are extremely versatile and can be utilised with various different down pipes and other plastic guttering.  In addition to all of this, the highly durable plastics these hoppers are constructed from can withstand constant use.

Underground Drainage Covers

Moving onto drainage covers, we house a great collection of plastic grids coming in a number of different shapes within our underground drainage supplies range. Whether they are rounded or come in the form of squares, these can be easily outfitted into any drainage system. Moreover, due to them being fitted easily, they also allow you to remove them without any hassle.

Similar to these grid covers, the 1 Meter Grate Chanel acts in a similar way, being embedded in a stretch of ground surrounding a building in order to carry any run-off water into the appropriate drainage systems. This is a great maintenance-free option, and with the high-quality plastics in use, it ensures that it is durable whilst not experiencing any degradation. On top of all this, its built-in design means it doesn’t subtract from the aesthetics of the building. 

Along with our selection of underground drainage we also stock a wide range of drainage adaptors and plastic channel drainage which can be used with your underground drainage supplies


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