110mm Underground Drainage

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The Details: 110mm Underground Drainage

When it comes to 110mm underground drainage pipes, these can act as essential aspects and components within any variation of plumbing system. These aid in the process of removing and transporting sewage and other excess water away from a building and into an appropriate underground drainage system.

110mm underground drainage are primarily used for properties that have a moderate to high level of water usage, such as larger residential homes, commercial buildings, and industrial sites. The larger diameter of the pipes allows for a higher capacity of water and waste to flow through them, which helps to prevent blockages and backups. Typically, these are usually burring at least 600mm into the ground to ensure they are protected from any potential external damage.

The Benefits of 110mm underground drainage

The intentional construction of 110mm underground drainage pipes offers various benefits. Like all of the underground drainage supplies we stock many of these drainage products are made from PVC or uPVC, resulting in the pipe being both strong and durable, as well as extremely resistant to any potential corrosion. Due to this factor, the risk of leaks and any corresponding damage can be greatly reduced.

In addition to all of this, the PVC in use also allows for a generally lightweight construction. Consequently, these 110mm underground drainage pipes are extremely easy to handle, which in turn, significantly benefits the instalment process.

110mm Underground Drainage at The Plastic Centre

At the Plastic Centre, we stock a wide variety of different 110mm underground drainage products, with the standard plain ended pipe and single socket pipe being one of the most utilised variations. These long pipes are stocked in the 3m versions, with their long width and diameter allowing them to accommodate large volumes of wastewater and other fluids. What is more, their PVC construction allows them to be easily cut should that be required in order to best suit your respective underground drainage system.

Due to their ends, these pipes can also accommodate a host of different 110mm drainage pipe couplings. Some of these include couplers which simply connect two of these pipes together. To accommodate bends and changes in direction, there are a number of double socket bends and single socket bends, varying in angles from 15° up to 90°. Furthermore, should you need for your drainage project to divert in different directions, we also house several triple socket and double socket branches, coming in 45° and 87.5° variations.

Furthermore, should you desire some additional flexibility, the Plastic Centre offers some adjustable options, including the 0-45° adjustable bend and the 0-90° adjustable bend. To potentially complete your drainage system, we also stock a wide variety of access plugs and socket plugs to keep all water inside the 110mm underground drainage pipes, all whilst still providing points of access.

Taking all these options into consideration, these can help provide a secure and efficient system to handle any wastewater. What is more is that all of these come in a terracotta colour, meaning that any potential aesthetics can be maintained.

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