160mm Underground Drainage Pipe

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The Details: 160mm Drainage Underground

160mm underground drainage pipes are commonly used in construction projects for the efficient movement of wastewater and surface water. These pipes are typically made of PVC, which is a durable and cost-effective material that is resistant to corrosion and chemical damage. Consequently, this construction makes them ideal for this role, with a number of different products comprising the collection of 160mm underground drainage pipes. But, if you can’t find the right product here we also stock a wide rage of 110mm underground drainage products.

The Benefits of 160mm Drainage Underground

One of the main advantages of using 160mm underground drainage pipes is their large diameter, which allows for a high capacity of water flow. This makes them ideal for use in commercial and industrial buildings, as well as in larger residential properties. The larger diameter also means fewer joints and fewer connections, reducing the likelihood of leaks and blockages. What is more is that when it comes to maintenance, these 160mm drainage underground pipes actually require very little. Due to the smooth material in use, they are easy to clean and maintain, which is both cost-effective in the short and long run.

Another benefit of 160mm drainage pipes is their ease of installation. They are lightweight and easy to handle, which means they can be quickly and easily laid in trenches without the need for heavy machinery. They also have a smooth interior surface, which reduces friction and allows for faster water flow.

160mm Underground Drainage at the Plastic Centre

At the Plastic Centre, when it comes to 160mm underground drainage pipes, we have you covered, stocking an expansive collection of applicable solutions. However, each underground drainage project has its own specific requirements and factors. Therefore, it is important you take these into consideration before selecting a specific product.

The single socket 3m underground pipe is one of the most versatile options, as this straight and long pipe can be utilised in a majority of different systems. This is thanks to its unrivalled functionality, as well as its ability to be cut down into more specific sizes. What’s more is that due to its being open-ended, it can easily be combined with a host of other 160mm drainage appliances.

For example, double socket couplers and slip couplers can help connect two different pipes together, all whilst maintaining a watertight seal. Should you need to accommodate directional changes within your system, we also stock a wide number of socket bends that vary in angle from 15° all the way up to 87.5°. Similarly, in terms of angles, we stock several branch sockets in both double and triple variations. If you are needing to divert water down a different path, these branches could be great, as well as preventing any blockages by containing any debris within these sections.

To complete a drainage system, we also stock several different components you could potentially pair with one of the various 160mm underground drainage pipes. These include the PVC reducers as well as a socket plug, both of which can help prevent leakages.

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