Plastic Channel Drainage

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The Details: Plastic Channel Drainage

Some of the more popular products within underground drainage supplies are plastic channel drains. A plastic channel drainage system is a type of surface water management system that is designed to collect and move water away from a specific area, such as a driveway, patio, or parking lot. The system consists of a channel, also known as a trench drain, that is installed at ground level and is connected to a network of pipes and plastic drainage channels that lead the water to a designated discharge point.

In addition to collecting and moving water away from the surface, plastic channel drainage can also be used to improve the overall look and aesthetic of a space. Many systems feature a variety of grating options, including different colours and patterns, that can be used to complement the design and aesthetic of the surrounding area.

The Benefits of Plastic Channel Drainage Systems

Plastic channel drainage offer several benefits, of these being their ability to reduce water damage. As they are designed to collect and move water, this can help reduce the risk of any potential water damage, especially areas which are susceptible to heavy rainfall. Not only do they protect a building’s infrastructure, but they can also improve the safety for people, making slips and falls less likely.

In addition, due to PVC being the primary material in their composition, plastic channel drainage are incredibly durable and long lasting. Not only does this allow for them to be relatively maintenance free, but this can prove cost effective in both the short and long term as they consequently have long life spans. Furthermore, due to a majority of these being designed to simply be placed on the surface, they do not distract from any potential aesthetics of its surrounding area, all whilst performing the role they are designed to do. Our most popular plastic channel drain is the 1m P/Pro Channel and Grate due to its appearance, longevity and affordability.

Plastic Channel Drainage at the Plastic Centre

At the Plastic Centre, we house a collection of different plastic channel drainage products you could potentially choose from. As previously mentioned one of these options is the 1m Pro Channel & Grate, which is specifically designed to be embedded into the ground. Constructed with high quality plastic which adorns the benefits we have already mentioned, this product is ideal for collecting water and remaining practically maintenance free during its lengthy product lifespan.

Another popular alternative is the Pro Channel Drain Block, which adopts the same function as the grate, but is simply designed in a smaller fashion, should the area it is being outfitted into receive a substantially smaller amount of expected rain and run off water. In order to complete a channel drainage system, we also offer Pro Channel Drain Outlet and Proc Channel Drain Stop End accessories which can act as safe termination points of channel drains, all whilst preventing any leaks. These can both simply be slotted in place into a drainage system, without affecting the effectiveness or performance. These two options specifically are yet another way of preventing any potential damage to any surrounding buildings or patches of ground.

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