Underground drainage systems are an important and sensitive part of any building that help carry water away from waste and grey water sources, from bathroom fixtures to gutters, to prevent flooding or damage to the building. That’s why it’s important that you choose your underground drainage carefully, and why we have an excellent range of different types, sizes and styles at The Plastic Centre, so you have plenty of options. All of our underground drainage systems are made from high quality plastic that is strong and light, and come with a range of accessories that make your chosen system even more adaptable.

The big strength of our underground drainage range is its diversity, with options including 110mm and 160mm pipes, channel and gully drainage systems and flexible adaptors that let you combine sizes. Not only are there pipes and channels in all of these ranges, there is also a wide variety of accessories such as drain covers, clips, lubricant and hoppers that can help make your project even better. The high quality plastic and rubber construction of each product makes it strong and maintenance free,  and because it’s so easy to fit each product, it’s very cost effective labour-wise as well.

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