110mm Underground Drainage

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Underground drainage is a sensitive piece of infrastructure for buildings of all kinds, taking waste and other water away to prevent flooding or damage to the building. That’s why your choice of underground drainage needs to be strong and high quality. You also need plenty of options, because the types of underground drainage you need can change greatly within one project, never mind across many. That’s why we created a range of high quality and diverse 110mm underground drainage options at The Plastic Centre. Strong, versatile and high quality, our 110mm underground drainage comes with all kinds of parts and accessories so that there’s something for every need.

The great advantage of using the 110mm underground drainage range from The Plastic Centre is that it is made from strong and durable high quality plastic, which is very strong and doesn’t rot or warp after prolonged use. While it is strong it is also light, so it is easy to fit and use, while its easy fit rubber seals make it simple for an individual to create a whole system themselves. The range is also very extensive, including all kinds of pipe angles as well as many different types of accessories such as gullies and drain covers, hoppers and traps.

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