Channel Drainage System

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At The Plastic Centre we offer a high quality channel drainage system which is perfect for a variety of applications, internally and externally, as well as being hard wearing, easy to use and flexible. In comparison to other methods of construction, the plastic channel drain offers a number of advantages. Firstly, it is long lasting and strong, and doesn’t suffer from maintenance issues caused by rust as many metal channel drains can. It is also lightweight in comparison to other materials, which means it is easy to transport and fit, because you can easily fix extensions onto each section and make your drain longer or shorter as needed. This also makes it much more cost effective than other options, making it easier to deliver on or under budget while still getting the job done.

Alongside the channel drains in our range, we also stock accessories to help make your drainage solution more effective. Our range includes drain blocks, outlets and stop-ends to help you create a drainage system that does exactly what you need, but at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Hard wearing and virtually maintenance free, our channel drains are the perfect choice for all your drainage needs.

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