Rubber Flexible Adaptors

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The Plastic Centre’s range of drainage adaptors are a flexible and affordable solution for a variety of drainage applications, both above and below ground, allowing you to make quick and easy adaptations to existing sewerage systems. Created from hard wearing and easy to clean rubber and plastic, these drainage adaptors are designed with longevity in mind, protecting your drainage systems from failure in the long term without losing performance. 

Designed to help you connect two drainage systems of differing sizes, our rubber drainage adaptors are an easy to use and mess free solution that removes the need for invasive or permanent joining of pipes, so they’re easy to fit and remove as needed. Our range includes a wide variety of different types of connector and junction, so you have lots of options when it comes to choosing which drainage adaptor you need. They also come in a range of styles that will allow you to join pipes of different materials together, so you won’t be left without a solution no matter what type of job you need to do. 

Each adaptor is designed and manufactured in Britain to the highest quality standards, so you can be confident that you won’t experience slippage or leaks, and your installation will stand the test of time.

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