Fascias and Soffits

What are Fascias and Soffits?

Fascias and soffits are important components of a building’s roofing system. They are typically found along the eaves and are essential for protecting the roof and the interior of the building from weather-related damage. Together, fascias and soffits play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and longevity of the roof, preventing potential damage caused by weather, moisture, and pests. Properly installed and maintained fascias and soffits contribute to the overall durability of a building. Along with providing additional layers of protection to buildings, fascias and soffits can also be highly customisable and provide the building with a unique injection of colour which is why at The Plastic Centre we stock a range of colours whether it be a 9mm fascia board or hollow soffit!

At the Plastic Centre, we have a collection of some of the best upvc fascias and soffits, which come in several different forms, depending on your requirements.

UPVC Fascias and Soffits

Each component, both the fascia and soffit work together to provide support and safeguard the roof’s strength.

UPVC Fascia Boards

The fascia is a horizontal board that runs along the lower edge of the roof and is fixed directly to the ends of the roof trusses or rafters. The fascia element of the fascias and soffits is visible from the outside and is located just below the roofline. Fascias serve several purposes:

    • Supporting the bottom row of roof tiles or the bottom edge of roof shingles, helping to keep them securely in place.
    • Acting as a barrier between the edge of the roof and the exterior, preventing moisture, insects, and small animals from entering the roof space.
      Providing a finished and aesthetic look to the edge of the roof.

We have a variety of fascias and soffits available including 9mm fascias boards, 16mm fascia boards, and Ogee fascias to name a few! Along with this, we have a product range specifically for fascia capping which may be worthwhile looking at if you are interested in buying fascia and soffits.

UPVC Soffit Boards

The soffit is the underside of the eaves, visible from the exterior of the building when looking up from ground level at the fascias and soffits. It extends horizontally from the outer edge of the building’s walls to the fascia board. Soffits have ventilation holes or slots to allow air to flow into the roof space.

The main functions of soffits are:

    • Assisting in ventilating the roof space, which helps to reduce condensation and prevent the build-up of moisture that could lead to mould or rot.
    • Providing a finished appearance to the underside of the roof overhang.

When it comes to soffits at The Plastic Centre, we stock a range of products to suit different purpose such as the flat soffit board and hollow soffit boards. Again, these products are available to by online in a range of styles and sizes!

Fascias & Soffits from The Plastic Centre

No two products are the same at the Plastic Centre, and this goes for the fascias and soffits we stock. For example, regardless of the product type, each comes in its own unique size, meaning you can choose the appropriate product to fit all your requirements. The fascias we stock come in two different thickness levels, we have 9mm fascias boards and 16mm fascia boards, these upvc fascia boards are made from the highest qualities of plastic, both lightweight and maintenance-free. When it comes to maintaining the aesthetics of your building, upvc soffit boards are ideal options, they are extremely beneficial for protecting the rafters from the elements. The upvc soffit board we stock are the perfect example, with the lightweight material being extremely efficient when it comes to keeping the heat in. Fascias and soffits stocked at the Plastic Centre are affordable and reasonably priced, especially when taking into consideration the high-quality materials these are made from. Consequently, we can provide the appropriate solution regardless of if your budget is big or small.

At the Plastic Centre, we also have a collection of other fascia and soffit related products such as vented fascia board options, which can increase the overall ventilation without compromising the protection they offer and plastic shiplap cladding where we have a unique set of products constructed using hard-wearing and tough UPVC. Along with this, we also stock a range of plastic-related products, such as plastic guttering and underground drainage supplies which may be able to assist you with any project or improvements you may be working on.

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