16mm Square Fascia

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16mm Fascia Board

One of the most important parts of a roof structure is the fascia, and here at The Plastic Centre, we offer a lot of variety for 16mm square fascias, which will work for any job you need them for. The roof of a building serves one main purpose; to keep the heat in and the weather out. Having good fascia on your roof makes it much easier to meet these criteria. The 16mm fascia boards options available at The Plastic Centre are perfect for any job. You can buy metal and wooden fascias, although plastic options are superior for many reasons.

16mm Fascia Boards Sizes and Styles

As mentioned, we have a wide range of different fascias and soffits on our site, and just for 16mm fascia boards alone, there are a variety of options to choose from. These range in size and price, from the smallest at Aquacel 16mm x 100mm fascia board to the largest at Aquacel 16mm x 405mm fascia board.

Typically, these 16mm fascia boards come in white, but other colours are available. This includes sherwood woodgrain, rosewood woodgrain, mahogany woodgrain, brown, black woodgrain, black and anthracite grey. Different colours would be used for different jobs and different styles of houses, but the most common option is White. Upon choosing your desired 16mm fascia board, you can choose the colour and size (3 or 5 metres).

As these are 16mm fascia boards, all the options on this page are 16mm thick, and there are no other thicknesses to choose from. However, this does not mean we don’t offer different thicknesses, and you can also find 9mm Fascia boards on our site.

The Benefits of 16mm Fascia Boards

16mm fascia boards are a vital piece of any home plumbing system. These boards are one of the main components that hold the guttering in place on the overhanging portions of the roof, and they also protect the inside of the roof from the elements. Plumbing systems can be horrendous to set up, but these fascia boards provide some stability. Thanks to the material used for these 16mm fascia boards, typically created from UPVC, they are highly durable and resistant to weather conditions. They are connected to soffit boards to protect the internal rafting from rotting during rainy periods and are typically attached to the roof trusses at their lowest point.

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