9mm Ogee Fascia

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Ogee Fascia Boards

Roofs play a vital role in completing the construction of a building, offering not just aesthetics but also crucial external protection. That’s why, at our store, we proudly offer a diverse selection of fascias and soffits including Ogee fascia boards, as they are one of the leading choices in the industry. Manufactured by the renowned brand Ogee, these fascia boards are essential components in roofing installations, known for their decorative appeal and elegant features such as grooves and mouldings.

At The Plastic Centre, we understand the importance of making quality products accessible to everyone. Therefore, we ensure that our Ogee fascia boards are affordable, catering to customers with both big and small budgets. With our extensive range of fascia boards, you can find the perfect solution to complete your roofing project without compromising on style or protection.

The Benefits of using UPVC Ogee Fascia Boards

When it comes to fascia boards, one material stands out above the rest: plastic, specifically UPVC. While traditional fascias have been made using wood and various metals, UPVC has proven to be the superior choice for constructing buildings. Its exceptional durability and strength make it almost maintenance-free, ensuring a long lifespan for the products, including our Ogee fascia boards, 9mm fascia boards and 16mm fascia boards.

One of the most significant advantages of UPVC is its ability to withstand the elements without degradation or rot. This feature adds an extra layer of protection to the roofing when used in fascia boards. Despite its sturdy composition, UPVC remains surprisingly lightweight. As a result, Ogee fascias can be easily installed without any hassle or the need for additional equipment and labor. In conclusion, the UPVC material we offer provides unmatched performance, making our fascia and soffit products an excellent choice for any construction project.

Ogee Fascias Available at Plastic Centre

At the Plastic Centre, we stock an extensive range of 9mm Ogee Fascia boards, with the 9mm option being one of the most versatile and suitable. All of the products in this range are 9mm thick; however, these can each come in a host of different widths. For example, if your needing a smaller fascia board, then the Aquacel 150mm Ogee fascia board or Aquacel 175mm Ogee fascia board choice could be a suitable choice. Alternatively, if there is a larger gap needing covering, we have a number of larger-sized fascia boards that increase in size all the way up to Aquacel 600mm Ogee fascia joint. All of the Ogee fascia boards we house come in two different lengths, these being 3m and 5m.

However, it’s not just the flat board options you can choose from, as there are also a selection of angles fascia corners, should you need a board that is more specific to your requirements. In the Ogee range, these include both the 90 and 135-degree options.

In addition to all this, some of the 9mm Ogee fascia boards also have the benefit of being customisable in terms of colour. The option to select between the more traditional monochrome colours is there, but should you require something that fits more in line with your building’s specific aesthetics; there are also a number of more naturalistic browns and wood grain finished boards.

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