9mm Fascia Board

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9mm Fascia Boards

9mm fascia boards are common fixtures when it comes to roofing and are a huge part of our fascia and soffits product range. Not only do they provide a solid foundation and layer of protection to a roof’s externals which is essential they also can give an aesthetic to a building that is both clean and modern.

9mm Fascia Boards Sizes and Styles

At the Plastic Centre we have a wide range of options available when it comes to 9mm fascia boards, this also includes a range of colours such as 9mm black fascia boards, 9mm white fascia boards, and 9mm anthracite grey fascia boards. The sizes we have in stock range from the 150mm fascia board to 405mm fascia boards, we aim to provide a wide range of sizes as at The Plastic centre we know these boards are ideal fixtures when it comes to completing and enabling a property to be protected from both the elements and even any wildlife, lowering the potential risk for any dampness in the property in the future. As well as having sizes, we have a mix of 9mm fascia products such as corners, joints, and boards which you can see within our selection.

Benefits and Uses of 9mm Fascia Boards

When it comes to the 9mm fascia board variations, they are easy-to-install option and, once correctly fitted, can be left without any maintenance and can be easily shaped or cut in order to adjust the size specifically for its fitting. Not only this, but the 9mm fascia boards sleek appearance certainly won’t distract from a building’s overall appearance and can actually help elevate the aesthetics whether it be a 9mm black fascia boards or 9mm white fascia board.

The plastic all of our 9mm fascia boards are constructed from is UPVC, one of the best currently available in the market. This hard and durable plastic can last extremely long compared to other more traditional materials such as metal or wood. This is due to the plastic not rotting or rusting when exposed to weather, once again resulting in it being low maintenance. Whether being used in a residential or commercial setting, this is a huge benefit. Furthermore, UPVC is extremely customisable, both in the form of appearance and mouldability, selecting from a host of different colours can allow you to choose the option that best suits the building it will be fitted upon and the flexibility it offers means it can be uniquely altered in order to introduce an additional classy touch.

How to Choose the Right 9mm Fascia Board for your Project

In order to choose the most appropriate 9mm fascia board for your specific project, you must first take into consideration the parameters in place. The 9mm Fascia Boards we have here at The Plastic Centre are all the same thickness, however, there is a multitude of different widths you could possibly choose from. For example, if it is just a small area of overhang that needs coverage, the 100mm fascia board option would be suitable. However, should you need a substantially longer fascia board in order to meet the requirements of your build, we have a number of other alternatives that increase in size all the way up to 450mm. If you cannot find the right product within our range of 9mm fascia boards it may be worthwhile visiting our range of 16mm fascia boards where we also hold a wide range of products.

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