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Fascia Capping

Fascia capping, also known as fascia board capping or cladding, refers to the practice of covering the existing wooden fascia boards on a building with a new layer of material, typically made of metal or uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride). This process is done primarily for cosmetic purposes, but it also offers several other benefits such as low-maintenance, aesthetics, long-lasting and durable to name a few.

Fascia Capping Benefits

Fascia capping is indeed a valuable method to enhance the functionality of existing fascia boards and improve their ability to shield against the elements. Additionally, it offers a cost-effective alternative to replacing worn-out or dirty fascia boards entirely. The primary purpose of fascia boards is to protect the eaves and roof trusses from water infiltration, helping to prevent potential water damage. By adding a fascia cap, an extra layer of protection is provided to the roof, which can contribute to extending its lifespan. In summary, fascia capping is a practical and efficient way to improve the effectiveness and durability of your roof’s fascia system, and The Plastic Centre offers a diverse range of fascia caps to cater to various requirements within our range of facias and soffits.

Fascia Capping at The Plastic Centre

We stock a range fascia capping products and accessories which may come in handy when purchasing other products from within this range such as 9mm fascia boards and our 16mm fascia boards. Some of our most popular fascia capping products are the fascia corner and fascia joint which are both available to buy online in a wide range of colours such as white, black, grey, woodgrain and many more. Within this selection of products we also stock pins/nails, end caps, capping boards and fascia finial.

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