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UPVC Soffit Boards

UPVC, scientifically known as unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, is one of the most common materials used for lightweight and quick building within houses and buildings as it is a material which is simple to cut, size, and angle while remaining strong enough to withstand pressure making it a great option for the UPVC soffit boards we have available. These products are a low-maintenance material, easy to clean, and far from heavy, so you can use it for many jobs.

On this page, you will see UPVC soffit boards, similar to our other fascias and soffits, these soffit boards are important within a housing structure, as they cover the rafter beams in an overhanging roof. Not only this but using a UPVC flat board also adds to the aesthetic of many houses and their roof design.

The Benefits of Using Flat Soffit Boards

One of the main benefits of using UPVC soffit boards is the lightweight dynamic of the boards. Thanks to the type of material they are made from, these boards have little weight to them whether it be one of our bigger options such as Aquacel 405mm flat general purpose soffit board or smaller sizes.

Another positive is the fact they are incredibly insulating compared to other materials used for flat boards, UPVC soffit boards are the best at keeping the heat in and the breeze out. If you think your house could suffer from changing weather and temperatures, using UPVC flat boards is the smartest option.

It is a resilient and waterproof material, meaning it can withstand even more weather changes. Using this material for overhanging roofs and other external parts of the house means that having waterproof aspects is a huge benefit. It can withstand pressure and varying conditions without any physical damage, chipping, cracking or rotting. This means it has a lengthy lifespan, another positive for a withstanding household material.

The price is the biggest positive of using a flat soffit board made of UPVC. Compared to other materials, UPVC is greatly inexpensive, meaning it can be bought in bulk without running too big of a bill. Considering it is used for large-scale jobs on houses, this low cost is a major positive.

UPVC Soffit Boards from The Plastic Centre

There are different options for flat soffit boards on this page, varying in width. The Aquacel 100mm flat general purpose soffit board – 9mm, Aquacel 150mm flat general purpose soffit board – 9mm, and Aquacel 200mm flat general purpose soffit board – 9mm are the most useful options for many of our customers. All of the options are flat general-purpose boards which come in White. All options available are 9mm in depth and can be chosen in either 3-metre or 5-metre lengths for different jobs and uses.

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