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Hollow Soffit Boards

Hollow soffit boards are different to regular soffits boards for a few reasons. They are easier to install and work with and can be cheaper because they use less material. However, the main difference between the two, as can be assumed by the name, is that these soffit boards are hollow soffit boards and therefore have less weight. These are typically made with unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, known as UPVC, which has many benefits as a material. Hollow soffit boards are used in place of typical soffit boards underneath the fascia board and are easier to work with, thanks to their honeycomb design.

The Benefits of using Hollow Soffits

One of the biggest benefits of using hollow soffit boards is their cost-effective nature, they use less material to make, meaning they can be sold for less. These hollow soffits can provide the same protection as regular UPVC soffit boards, costing a fraction less and making installation easier. One other benefit of choosing hollow soffits over regular soffit boards is that the material is waterproof, making it perfect for any roof to protect the rafting from heavy rain and windy conditions. It is an easy-to-clean material, meaning upkeep is manageable and has none of the same aesthetic downsides as wooden and metal ones. The material of these hollow soffit boards will not degrade or become warped no matter the change in weather, and the lightweight nature of its design means it can be easily moved and installed by anyone with the technical knowledge to do so.

Our Range of Hollow Soffits

The range available at The Plastic Centre comes with different accessories, such as Aquacel H Section Trims and Aquacel Circular Soffit Vents, to add to the aesthetic of the whole job. You can use Vents to ensure that everything is properly sealed up while still allowing enough airflow through the system, and typically the Trim would be used to cover up the other plastic with a nicer-looking piece.

The first product on this page is the 300mm Hollow Soffit board, which comes in White, Grey, Black, Brown, and then a few shades of Woodgrain. These 300mm Hollow Soffits range in price from and come in either a 3-metre or 5-metre board. The next product is the Soffit Board Starter Trim which comes in the same colours as the Hollow Soffit board, but these starter trim pieces are good for finishing touches. Again, coming in either 3-metre or 5-metre lengths, you can cover any job with this product.

If you can’t find the right product for you here within our rage of hollow soffit boards, we stock a wide range of fascias and soffits of all sizes and styles on the site s be sure to take a further look into the products available to you.

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