Waste Pipe Fittings

Waste Pipes

Anyone looking to put together an effective waste drainage system will find the range of waste pipe we offer enough to complete any job. The huge selection of waste pipe products at the Plastic Centre includes everything you will need, from the waste pipes themselves to overflow systems and waste traps! The waste pipe system is very important in ensuring the effectiveness of a drainage system in both commercial and residential spaces!

The waste pipe are separated into certain categories helping you to find the items you need. All of these products are made from long-lasting, durable plastics that we specialise in here at the Plastic Centre. Whether you’re making a waste pipe system from scratch or are looking to replace certain parts of an existing one, we have the items you need.

The Benefits of using Waste Pipes

There are plenty of benefits to having a waste pipe drainage system installed that can help to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of the main water drainage system. All of the waste pipe products that we sell are made of durable materials with professional seals that ensure a leak-proof system for your drainage. Whether you are looking to connect waste pipe with a screw-in, push-fit or solvent weld finish, the finished system is sure to carry waste to the local drainage system effectively.

Another benefit of the waste pipes at the Plastic Centre is the additions you can add to your system, ensuring its long-term effectiveness. For example, the waste traps that we offer provide an easy access point for cleaning and maintenance of the waste pipe system; this can help to stop blockages or the buildup of residue that leads to bad odours. Another useful addition to a waste pipe system is an overflow waste system; these fittings are used to divert excess water from the waste pipe system to ensure its effectiveness.

Waste Pipes at The Plastic Centre

There is a huge selection of waste pipes to choose from at the Plastic Centre, with a variety of components, sizes and styles to choose from. The push-fit waste pipes are great for anyone looking to put together a waste pipe system on their own; many of these products are available in white, black or grey. The most popular products available here include a 32mm waste pipe 3 metres in length and corner pieces like the 32mm knuckle bend it can be quickly and securely connected to.

There is also a range of multiplex waste pipe fittings that can be used to connect the waste pipe products that we offer. These products can be tightened by screwing the connectors once in place and offer a range of components like the 45-degree swept bend 40mm with a clean white plastic finish.

The solvent weld waste pipe fittings that we offer provide a tight seal once between the pipes and the fittings that make up this system. The 125ml solvent cement that we offer ensures the reliability of this drainage system once the pieces are connected.

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