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Overflow Drainage System Products and Uses

The overflow drainage system is an important part of any room where drainage is necessary, and the products we have available on-site ensure effective and professional waste systems. In the event that water overflows from a sink or bath, the potential damage this could cause makes an effective overflow waste pipe very important. The range of high-quality plastic products we have available on-site can help provide a tidy and long-lasting overflow drainage system.

The purpose of an overflow drainage product is to divert excess water away from a specific area in residential, commercial and industrial settings. All of the products we offer are manufactured in Britain from high-quality plastic that ensures a long-lasting finish. These products provide a professional finish that is easy to clean and requires very little maintenance.

Anyone looking to replace an entire drainage overflow setup can find all the products here, including the pipes, connectors, bends and clips to hold it all in place. All of the products required to complete an overflow drainage system are available on the Plastic Centre website in a range of different colours.

The Benefits of Overflow Drainage Systems

As mentioned, the cost of these overflow waste systems is minimal compared to the potential costs of water damage to a building or property. These products are easy to install, taking very little time to ensure an effective and safe drainage overflow precaution is in place.

Along with preventing the risk of water damage in a property and the maintenance costs linked with repairing any damage, the drainage overflow systems can help more. The safety hazards of overflowing water systems or water damage in general against the occupants of a building are another reason for drainage overflow precautions. The peace of mind of having a reliable overflow drainage system in place, especially in a property where water damage is particularly risky or likely, is another huge benefit.

Drainage Overflow at the Plastic Centre

The products on site can be put together to form an effective system, including the 3-metre overflow pipe and straight connector. Other important pieces of overflow waste system equipment include the knuckle and obtuse bend pieces or the 90-degree T-shaped pipe that is used to make use of any space available.

Straight and bent compression tank connectors are available; these connect the plumbing to a water system or when two pipes made from different materials are in use. The different shapes of connectors in drainage overflow setups allow the person installing them to ensure the most direct route is used, and the setup is given a tidy finish.

The pipe clip products we have available are a very important component in making sure the overflow waste system is displayed in a tidy, organised way. These pipe clips are 21.5mm wide and made from durable plastic with a hole on either side of the fit for securing these clips in place.

All of these reliable plastic overflow system products we offer are available in white, grey or black to suit any pre-existing setup in place.

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