Waste Systems

Waste systems are an important part of any house’s fittings, and can be used in a number of areas, from kitchen sinks, dishwashers and washing machines to baths and showers. At The Plastic Centre, we stock a wide variety of different types of waste systems, so you have a lot to choose from to find the perfect part for the job. Our selection of waste systems includes many different types that have their own special advantages, such as Push Fit waste systems that are easy to build, strong and flexible Solvent waste systems, as well as systems specifically designed to deal with overflows and traps.

All the waste systems at The Plastic Centre are made from durable, high quality plastic that is designed to stand up to long term use at consistently high performance. Designed to be light and easy to use, our waste systems are a cost effective solution because they are virtually maintenance free and can be fitted without the use of specialist tools, unlike metal alternatives. On top of this, the many options our range gives you allows you to be flexible when it comes to completing any job because there is always the right part, meaning you can easily produce the highest standard of work.

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