Waste Traps

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Waste traps are an important part of any shower tray or bath installation, because they create a water seal that stops bad smells from coming back up the pipe and into your house. It’s important that you choose a waste trap that is good quality as well as being strong and durable so that it doesn’t break, whilst also easy to clean. That’s why we stock a range of high quality plastic waste traps, specially designed to perform highly in all these areas so that you can be confident in any system you buy from us.

Our range of high quality plastic waste traps includes a wide variety of different sizes and types of trap so that you have an option no matter what you need. Our range includes bottle traps of various sizes, telescopic traps, P traps, shower traps and traps designed for other applications such as sinks and washing machines. As well as being diverse enough for any type of use, our waste traps are also made from high quality and durable plastic that is guaranteed to stand up to all kinds of punishment without breaking or degrading. They’re also light, flexible and easy to use so they can be installed with the minimum of fuss.

Check out everything we have to offer and discover unbeatable prices across all of our soil and waste system collections.

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