Overflow Waste

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The overflow waste system is an important part of any bathroom, kitchen or utility room installation, designed to help carry excess water away from an overflowing water fixture. Making sure that your overflow waste system is up to the job is very important because it can help prevent costly and damaging flooding, which is why we stock a range of high quality overflow waste systems at The Plastic Centre. Our plastic overflow waste systems are strong and durable enough to stand up to the day to day punishment that plumbing suffers, while also being light and flexible enough to be fit easily and without any specialist tools.

Our range of plastic overflow waste includes a variety of joints, bends and angles that you can use to achieve whatever aims your client has. Each one is made in Britain from high quality plastic that is easy to maintain and clean, while also being strong and well made enough to avoid leaks and degradation, performing just as well throughout its whole life. This range also comes with specialist connectors that allow you to make connections with various different types of fixtures, so you can achieve just about anything with the parts we stock.

Check out everything we have to offer and discover unbeatable prices across all of our soil and waste system collections.

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