170mm Half Round 3m & 4m Gutter



Plain Ended Gutter 3m & 4m lengths

4m lengths are Collection Only

The Kommercial 150mm half-round gutter system and 110mm diameter downpipe system are suitable for use in commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings. Available in grey and black colours and comes in 3m & 4m lengths.

The 150mm Half Round Gutter comes in 3-metre and 4-metre lengths and is a commonly used guttering part allowing you to extend or replace 3m of guttering on a new or existing system to safely carry water away from the roof or walls of a building. This product is made from tough and durable plastic that is high quality and resistant to mould, rotting and warping, unlike other materials. It is designed for use outdoors and in bad weather and can perform to a high standard even after prolonged use. It is available in a range of colours to make it easy to blend with existing or nearby guttering systems.



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Rainwater > 150mm Gutterng Pipe > Aquaflow 150mm Half Round 3m Gutter

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